Rahmatollah Badiyi

Violinist & educator

Maestro Rahmatollah Badiyi was born in 1315 (1936 AD) in Kashan, Iran. At the age of five, he became acquainted with the Persian flute Nay, and at the age of seven he started playing the violin, until he was eleven years old and became familiar with most Iranian tunes through radio. He then entered Teheran Conservatory to learn European music. While studying he attended Maestro Abolhassan Saba’s course of five years on the national music of Iran.

After graduating Badiyi became professor at the National Conservatory of Music also in Teheran for more than 23 years and collaborated with major national orchestras as concert master and soloist. For concerts he traveled to various countries of Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America.

In addition to violin, he is well versed in playing Kamancheh and Qichak (classic and folkloric Iranian bowed string instruments). As an appreciation of his art’s and work’s value, the Ministry of Culture and Arts awarded him with an honorary doctorate. Badiyi also supervised and took part in creating the musical theories (Radife Aavaz) of Professor Mahmoud Karimi, collected by Dr. Mohammad Taghi Massoudieh.

In 1979, Rahmatollah Badiyi came to the Netherlands with his family and until 1999 he pursued his artistic work at the Northern-Dutch Symphonic Orchestra. Simultaneously he performed at art festivals and events hosted by European radio and television. Badiyi held a class in Germany for interested pupils who attended monthly from various countries.

After retirement he and his daughter, Parisa Badiyi, worked together and had tours in the US and concerts in various countries.

Some of his works and publications:

Radifhaye Ostad Saba (Persian Music Structure for Violin)
Volume 1, 2, 3, & 4
-Collecting & Editing

Armaghan va Hadise Mehr (Persian Pieces and Improvisations for Violin)
-Author and Arrangements

Maestro Khaleghi’s Persian Violin Method
Volume 1, 2, 3 & 4
Volume 5 & 6

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