What is music?

„What is music? It is a combination of harmonius sounds… and an important means to the education and developoment of humanity…“

According to the knowledge of numerous academics music has a great influence on the intellectual development of the individuals just from the early embryonic state on.

It was proved that music, either practised or consumed, promotes and supports the educability, the memory and the concentration.

This knowledge makes that I enjoy my teaching of the children, since the motivation is evident. Through my srudies and the extensive experience gained by my teaching the cultivation of the Persian classical music is essential, because I myself experienced that influence from my early childhood on.

Today I am fully integrated in the European culture and have developed a great esteem for both cultures. In my Iranian family the Iranian culture is still alive and part of my life. I understand my work as a bridge between the two cultures East and West and as a cultural exchange between the nations.